Sans looked up from his phone to see if Tori was anywhere.

Actually, this used to be my royal outfit I would wear in the castle long ago! Sans blushed a light blue, rubbing the back of his neck.

Toriel put her hand in his and they went into the underground. Both couldn't really stand Hotland, so they went through that quickly.

I used to come here a lot when I was little," Sans said. "And I would say something in all of the Echo Flowers that they would keep repeating." He continued.

Love Island fans will be delighted to see a couple of old favourites getting involved, whilst there are the usual appearances from the TOWIE and Made In Chelsea cast.

Here is what you need to know about the upcoming series…

"..........would you like to order...." grillby asked in his usual tone "uhh... " Chara looked at the menu "I would like....fries please! Y/n..nose...." you looked at your nose seeing it was bleeding "oh shit.." Y/n then used a tissue from his/her pocket and wiped there nose.

Then...*Coughing* You both turned around seeing grillby and you both sat back down laughing nervously. Grillby nodded and wrote it down to his note pad and walked back to the counter. " Chara blushed but looked at you "I-I don't know m-much about algebra...I p-plus U equal 69" *Chara flirted with Y/n "Uhh....

--------------------------------------- Today was the day! Sans was still so surprised that Toriel actually said yes to him when he asked her out! They planned it around PM and they were gonna go back to the underground to just see how it is and probably eat at Toriel's old house in the Ruins! I STILL HAVE TO CHOOSE THE LUCKY ONE TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND! Sans chuckled at Papyrus' comment before he left and kept watching the MTT News about some Olympian swimmer that was probably gonna be on Dancing With the Stars.

Assuming that you are asking about the calendar fomat/systems.

The Gregorian calendar, also called the Western calendar and the Christian calendar, is internationally the most widely used civil calendar.

‘I’ve had a great time and following its best rated series to date, wish them nothing but more success for the show moving forwards.’ The departing dating guru is being replaced by Paul Carrick Brunson, an entrepreneur and TV presenter who describes himself as ‘the world’s most influential matchmaker’.

As well as running his own matchmaking firm PCB Agency Paul also penned the book It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have To Be): A Modern Guide To Finding And Keeping Love.

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